Integration Events

Staff meetings are an inherent part of about each and every company these days. The relationships and ties between employees affect the quality and efficiency of their day-to-day work.

The Alexandrinum Palace hotel is a place where your employees will have a chance to bond closer together, gain fresh strengths, and work much more efficiently.

The Palace interiors, an extensive Landscape Park with a barbecue spot, as well as the calming surrounding of the woods guarantee that we provide even the impossible to you!

We offer a wide range of forms of integration events. Not only do we commit to precisely meet your expectations in every single point – we also attempt to be one step ahead and exceed them. All to add to your business event a touch of specialty and uniqueness.

We guarantee most comfortable conditions, which will allow undisturbed integration of your employees. Proximity to nature and various activities in our offer will make the away-day special in all respects.


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