Historical Background


The park surrounding the hotel was once the location of a manor which played a role in the lives of many historic figures.

In1939, Major Henryk Dobrzański, known as the last soldier of the Second Polish Republic, stationed here with his troops. It was also the starting point of his final journey, this time as Major  Hubal, as outside the manor house in Krubki-Górki he said goodbye to the world and the period of interwar independence slowly passing into history.

Moreover, a hundred years earlier, the owner of the manor was Stanisław Grabowski, son of Stanisław August Poniatowski and Elżbieta Grabowska – the famous Grabula.

According to the legend, the King's son was visited in Krubki by the most mysterious Russian Emperor and holder of the title of the King of Poland  – Alexander I.

In was in Krubki that the Emperor said his goodbyes to Poland, a country close to his heart.

The manor in Krubki burnt down in August 1944 during the greatest armoured battle on Polish land.


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