How to make your choice when choosing a venue for your prom?

How to make your choice when choosing a venue for your prom?

21 Sep /2023
22 Sep /2023
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29 of October 2019

The Prom is a once-in-a-lifetime event for every young person. Whether students themselves take charge of organisation or parents and teachers are involved, everyone wants the event to be special. Finding the right venue for the Prom isn’t easy. So how should you choose the right place to organise your party?

Size of venue

When choosing a venue, you should pay careful attention to its size, which in practice directly impacts the number of persons who can be comfortably seated and fit on the dancefloor. Many offers inform patrons such as “Our venue accommodates a maximum of 180 persons.” This means that if all students attend, it might be a tight squeeze. The ballroom at Alexandrinum Palace allows for the organisation of Proms and banquets for a full 180 persons.

The immediate vicinity of the ballroom

The success of any dance party depends on guests having the possibility to slip outside the ballroom to catch a breath of fresh air. That’s why a small restaurant with just one event room un the centre of the city with no garden may not be the best place to hold a Prom. It’s far better to use the services of a hotel with a ballroom or a restaurant with an outside garden area. Though as a rule Proms are organised in the winter season, nonetheless we should not assume that none of the guests will want to go outside or slip away for a moment of downtime in the hotel lobby. Guests of Proms held at Alexandrinum Palace have access both to the lobby and the Palace park. Additionally, it is possible to reserve rooms, so that the Prom can be transformed into a magical weekend full of adventures.

Comprehensive offer

When organising an event such as the Prom, it is important to the provide everything for the guests – a decent banqueting hall, catering, appropriate decorations and music. At Alexandrinum Palace, we can deal with each one of these aspects in an individual manner and work miracles to fit everything in the time available, and we can also offer a comprehensive package with everything included in one price. To meet the needs and expectations of Prom organisers, Alexandrinum Palace offers comprehensive services, including hall rental, musical entertainment, and additional attractions. For the organisers, this makes the process not only more convenient, but cheaper as well. It’s a guarantee that everything will be arranged down to the last detail long before the date of the Prom rolls around.

Additional attractions which will make this evening memorable

When renting a hall for your Prom, it’s also worthwhile to search out additional attraction which can make this evening special and memorable for all your guests. This could be in the form of a special cake or hot chocolate fountain. Another interesting “extra” at a Prom is a DJ who is able to emcee extra contests and competitions or play requests.

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