Stables in Alexandrinum Palace


Horse-riding is one of the world’s most elegant sports

At the stables of Alexandrinum Palace, you will get to know the secrets of the elegance and variety of this elite sport. We conduct high-class training with qualified trainers for beginning and advanced riders. Our horses are adjusted to suit people beginning their adventure with riding as well as those who are interested in travelling to competitions.

Instruction in natural, correct lunging, working with the horse in the ground, jumping, dressage, cross-country riding – it all depends on you; just go to the picturesque village of Krubki-Górki near Warsaw. The stable is located in a beautiful, 18th century Park with 8 ponds. Within the grounds of the Park there is a Palace with hotel, relaxation zone, pool, sauna and a comfortable Spa.

The land once belonged to the last king of Poland, Stanisław August Poniatowski, who rode through the nearby forests amounting to a few thousand hectares. A frequent guest of the king was the Russian Tsar Alexander I, whose favourite entertainment were trips around the area.

Those of you who possess your own ‘four hooves’ are invited from the middle of August 2017 to an exclusive guesthouse. We offer stalls laid with modern matting, which makes the horse comfortable in the stall, and keeps the air in the stable uncontaminated.

Stajnia hotelowa

After intensive training, we invite you to rest in the club, which is found on the first floor of the stable.

Our stable is equipped with:

  • A large, lighted riding area, with a ground surface with quartz, which does not freeze even in winter
  • Lunging area
  • Picturesque pasture
  • Grassy area with cross obstacles
  • Internal and external washer
  • In the near future - a solarium for horses
  • Ten stalls, including four English-type
  • Saddle room
  • Fodder room
  • Access to hall (from 2018)

Guesthouse prices:
English stall - 1800zł/month
Main stall in stable - 1700zł/month

Price includes basic range of services.


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